Wheel hub assemblies

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I had previously bought the disc brake kit for my '01 4 seater, which came with a new hub assembly. That hub assembly was already together in one piece so I thought nothing of it when I ordered the same hub assembly for the rears, thinking I’d swap them out and have M12 bolts all around being as I just bought some new rims/tires. Problem is, when the two hubs showed up from nevaccessories, they’re each in 2 pieces… not what I was expecting. I’m guessing I already know the answer to this but wanted to put it out there in case there’s some way I can do this myself… do I have to find a shop with a hydraulic press to assemble the two halves for me? Or is there anything I can do with them at home… without a press.

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Big hammer and a block of wood


Got it… pounding I’ll go! :hammer:


Do you have a nice large Vice? You could use the Vice to press them

Unfortunately, I do not. But this does seem like a great excuse to add to my tool arsenal :wink:

I was going to suggest a vice or a press as well. A mallet or a block of wood will work, but a press will be more gentle.

Ok can I make a Vice suggestion?

I bought a Antique Vice from Craig’s list. I payed $300 for it and I love it. I cleaned it up a bit it’s a Wilton Bullet Vice from 1968 . 4 inch jaws and it opens up like 11 inches. It’s somthing that you will never have to re-buy and you can pass it down.

I’m constanty using it to clamp things that I cut or press things together and even the flat portion on its back works great surface for hammering things flat.

Sorry for the late reply… I ended up taking it to a local golf cart shop and let him assemble it with the drum brake with his press. Though getting a vice would be great regardless, it’d definitely come in handy in plenty of situations. It reminds me of the big ol’ vice my grandpa used to have mounted to the end of his work bench.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Great vise accessory. 4" press brake.


Got a link to these? Thanks



what do you use it for ?


Bending brackets etc.
This was faster than drilling a hole.

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Thanks, Grizzly seems to be out of them. Will be shopping around here, let me know if you see them elsewhere.

See some cheaper but rough looking.
Here’s a 6".