Wheel Bearing Hero

Can anyone help me with the process for replacing the front and rear wheel bearings on the Ford Think? I’ve done golf carts before but nothing like this.

Easy if you have a press. You take the hub assembly off and press out the spindle. Then press out the bearings. Same as most cars these days. I’ve done it with a sledgehammer, but you need to know what you’re doing. You could take the hub assemblies to a shop and have them press in the new bearings. It’s quick for someone who knows what they’re doing.

Thanks!!! I have a press and the front hubs off, just wanted to make sure before I did anything bad. Also I’m struggling getting the rear hubs removed, any tricks?

Remove wheels. Remove brake line from wheel cylinder. Remove parking brake cable at hub. Remove the four bolts that hold the hub assembly. Remove axle nut. Use a pneumatic hammer or air chisel to remove axles from hubs.

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Hello David , I am new to this group and see that your the go to guy and very helpful, I have ford think truck style , very cool , I replaced batteries and did not change algorithms on delta q 912 7200 , I have run the new batteries for only a couple months during only on weekends mostly , I plugged in to charge and notice the charger was dead , no lights on it at all , I checked fuses and thought the charger must be bad , I sent it in to FSIP and asked for check and advise , they said it was bad and rebuilt it , they never asked about what my new batteries are ? They just rebuilt it , I got it back and plugged it back as it was , plugged in 110 volt and still no power , my guess was there was not anything wrong with charger ? I found wires from the 110 volt plug that had melted and cleaned all that up and plugged in , it came on and has steady blinking yellow lite and solid ligjt on very top IIIII I am wondering if there is a repair shop that is close to me that would be familiar with the think cart , it has couple issues and I want to keep the cart , my dogs love it ! Haha , I am located in Albuquerque NM

I don’t know of anyone in that area. Take a video of the charger lights and post it here or just contact fsip as it will be warranty if there is anything wrong with the charger.