Ford Think upgrades

Any one else have any upgrades the have done to Ford think? I upgraded steering wheel and headlights.

Quick release steering and LED headlights and fogs.

Can you please share the parts again and can the replacement be done without the quick release hub? Also, does the steering come with a horn button? Thanks.

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If you can go to the Ford think parts thread and I listed all the parts there. It can be done without hub but it requires some alterations that I’m not familiar with. Also it comes with a horn button but needs to be wired up accordingly.

Thank you, appreciate the response!

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How did you paint dash and exterior

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Took it to my guy who paints Harley’s. I’m sure someone in your state can paint plastic very well.

I just did my steering wheel and it was crazy-easy. This hub from Amazon ( is a direct fit, and you can bundle with a cheap steering wheel that bolts onto it. The trick was to make sure the type of hub is the one with a six-sided hex sleeve, fits perfectly. One bolt on/off, plus six hex screws to hold on whatever wheel you want. Took 5 minutes end-to-end.

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Just confirming, the adapter that fits the Think is the adapter for Club Car Precedent & Tempo ? Thanks

Sorry, this went to my junk mail box. The adapter I got is the one that does not have the small splines for the center hole, it looks round in the main photo but hexagonal from the rear photo. Slides right on, there is a small challenge with it, in that it will aim the steering wheel (at least in my case) about 5 degrees to the left. If you can live with this, read no further.

This is easily fixed; unlike the hub the steering wheel itself is not drilled with precise holes to attach to the hub, so all that’s necessary is to figure out how far off it sits, use the center hub cover as a template to mark the needed holes, and then drill 6 new holes with a hand drill. The stock holes are over-sized, so you can do this by hand. It’s 6 holes, and metal to drill is aluminum (if I can dignify whatever soft alloy they use as such) and it takes only a few minutes for this fix to straighten the wheel. Note, the car is fully functional if you want to test the install before drilling and don’t mind the steering wheel pointing off to the side a bit.

Andy Boyd

But your horn no longer works the way it’s suppose to right?

Correct, you could wire a separate button pretty easily, but I’ve never found a need to have a horn on this kind of vehicle.

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