How Would You Like To Make Some Money From Your EV Charging Station?

Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Especially since, according to the US Department Of Energy, only about one-third of the 9000 electric vehicle chargers currently in operation are accessible to the public.

While groups such as Plug Share and Recargo already have a procedure whereby charging stations owners can offer to share their equipment with other EV drivers, sharing is usually done for free.

Now, GE is looking to capitalize on the growing ranks of electric vehicle drivers and their need for publicly accessible charging station infrastructure. Through the company’s WattStation Connect cloud-based program, WattStation owners will now be able to make their charging stations available for use by others, set the hours of operation and even set the rates they wish to charge for their use. The information will be available through the Internet, GE’s WattStation Connect mobile application and a future in-vehicle (built-in) navigation system.

GE has even brought PayPal into the equation for payment collections.

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GE says WattStation Connect EV-charger locator is a potential revenue generator.