How to reprogram T1 with a LX handset Gem car Programmer?

How to reprogram T1 with a handset?
I need help to reprogram my controller with the LX handset Gem car Programmer. any instructions please or youtuve video
Thank You.

Friend are this the correct connector for the T1 controller? Look at the photo. And if there it’s how to connect, it don’t match with the pins I have two other connectors but are smaller.

Any suggestion for the cable A2 on the motor get super-hot and the motor too. I purchase the handhelp with the 3 connections any advice to program the controller for speeds and hot issue (I’M A DUMMY)

There are three major types of connectors used with the LX handset.
Your 14p
An 8p for T1 left in picture.
And a similar 12p for the T2.
I can show you the pin out if you find the right connector.
Have ready made T1 cables for $59.

You can also program T1 with special “dongle” connected between computer USB port and 23p connector.
$100 delivered.

The hot connections are do to high resistance.
Possibly inside motor or controller.
If external, and it looks like it is, disconnect wires. Make sure connection from wire to crimp terminal is good. ie. no corrosion.
Then wire brush clean until it’s clean enough to solder. Bright metal. Not a bad idea to tin with solder to be sure.
Same with the studs on motor and controller. Must be absolutely clean and shiny metal.

If you have the 8p connector be careful unplugging. Don’t pull by wires. Use a knife blade between T1 and plug.
While holding release of course.