How are you Florida peeps Doing

Rodney & Michale how are you guys doing!

From what I have been seeing, it looks quite intense.

Michale is in Naples and it looks like they got pounded by the storm surge.

The talking heads are predicting possible 18 feet?!?!?!?

Thanks for clarifying.

Naples got a big hit, he’s ok but no power and dealing with flood.

Here in the east coast everything ok.


Good to hear everyone is doing OK - @LithiumGods has a lot of batteries, he will not be without power for long !! Wink Wink.
I guess in hind sight a lot of batteries might be a bad thing? Wishing you the best Mike.

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Thanks guys, this was a Bad one. House took on water, lost a 2 Gems, my car and the boat. Had 100 large lithium modules in the garage, the bottom row got wet, a little electrolysis but they are okay. If someone wants them cheap let me know


O man my worst Fear! Storm serge & you were not spared. I’m so sorry, please let us know how we can help out, You have helped out so many here on the forums over the years I’m sure many people including my self would like to pitch in what ever we can.

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Ugh, sorry to hear this.
Whatever you need.

If you need to store them until you can dry Everything, paint and do the restoration let me know, I have space in my storage

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Sorry to hear this. Glad you’re safe.

Up in St Pete I stayed dry. Scary as they said we’d take a direct hit. Used the Gem today to get out and help chop branches and deliver coffee and ice to those without power.


Can they be fixed? let me know I can bring a speed controller and some parts to bring it back to life. but I assume they are not priority right now.

Any news from Rodney? @Old_Houseboater

Sorry to hear about the property damage Michael. Hopefully Rodney is ok. There was another poster on here who IIRC lives out on Sanibel, not sure I have his number anymore or not or it was lost when my old phone crashed 6-8 months ago. Hope Brian is ok too.

Likewise sorry to hear of all the losses but good to hear it was confined to property. Anything we can do to help out just let us know. And remember that the sun will shine again. Hang in there.

Rodney should be good, he was way out of the way. Sanibel Island is completely destroyed. If he was on the island he may not have made it

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I’m glad he’s "OLD"houseboater and not newhouseboater! Oh sh;t, I hope it wasn’t “oldhouseboater” as being age related because houseboats don’t do well in hurricanes.

Were fine. We were north of it. Tavares- between Orlando and Ocala


Texted you the other day to check in. Glad you are safe. Don sends his best as well.