East coast Gem day

Gabriel came over to borrow a lithium battery and do some Gem … stuff. Lg and Gabe in the same garage working on Gems, what could it be? We finished a lithium battery build, brought my flooded Gem back to life and brainstormed on some upcoming projects. Always a good day when you get to work on advanced Gem stuff. Gabe dropped off one of his beta speed boxes for me to test, looking forward to it. Also planning our next hotrod mods. East coast, where it all begins, (and that one dude up north). Good things are a coming.


It’s always good to meet one of the Gems Guru! I had a great time talking about Gems and Batteries. Glad that gem is finally up and running!

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Both of you working on the same car?
I thought I felt a little wobble in the Earth’s axis the other day.
That sounds dangerous.
You might want to give warning next time.