Horn Swap to a Wolo

Purchased a WOLO Bad Boy model 419 Horn from Harb Freight thinking it would be a quick swap out on my 2001 4 seat Gem. Swithed out the wires and tried to test before mounting… No Luck… Anyone have any ideas ? Will I need to WIre the Relay they included in the package ? See Diagram attached. Can I just Wire as shown-- Running a Wire to one single battery?

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  1. Did your horn work before?
  2. When you hooked up the new horn what did you hook P30 from the relay to?
  3. When you press the horn button now do you at least get a little click from the relay?

Yes , factory horn works fine

Tried just swapping the Wires to the New horn-- Instructions said for 2 wire this would work… It did not

Havent tried /wired the Relay yet… Just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be a problem before I wire per the diagram. ( relay not involved yet)


So- You tried the new horn on the factory wires and it did not work?

And, you tried the old horn again and it still works?
That new horn has a relay for a reason as it probably has a good draw and may have blown a fuse.

You did not state what year car you have.

2001 4 seat model — I did not wire in the supplied relay yet. Just wanted to confirm it would be okay to wire up as they have shown in the image i uploaded. Figuring I would just run a wire from the front Battery Positive terminal to the Relay as shown .

I have to run tto the auto parts store and get a inline fuse as shown in the picture and probably a few wire crimp connectors to make it a clean job.

I will Update after… Thanks again for your help and feedback-- It is appreciated

Ok, Well that was not a successful Project — Followed the wiring diagram and no luck.

And now-- You foreshadowed the next issue… The old Horn when hooked back up ( No way to hook up the wrong way) YEP— NOW IT DOESNT WORK…Ugggh

This is what I was trying to get at earlier. By hooking it up without the relay on your first test you may have blown a fuse. The original car wiring was not designed for such a load.

What other accessories do not work now?
Turn signals?

On early cars I believe there were a couple of fuses over on the passenger side up front?

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Makes sense to me now, I had to pull the plug on the project as I ran out of time for today. Yes, if i remember correctly-- there are some fuses on Passenger Side.

Just Checked and the wipers and Lights are still working.

I will have to look at the fuses later this week.

Thanks again for helping – I guess I know just enough to get in trouble.


Ok, With other accessories working it means your DC Converter is good. If you have a meter you could probably track that wire back across the car to the fuse block.

Or check the wires for power. Once you get that restored, install the relay without the horn and you should be able to hear it click when the button is pressed.

Then, hook up power to the horn and make sure you have hearing protection for the test.

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Correct. Lift the hood and then lift up the rubber rain flap on the passenger side bulkhead. You’ll find the bulk of them there. I seem to recall finding an inline ATC fuse or two under the dash on mine, but it’s anyone’s guess if those were original or not.

@ajd1800 Please tell me it’s an ooh-gah horn.


3A for the horn???
Yeah, for sure that thing poofed trying to run the new horn direct.
It probably gave up without a whimper.


OK as you suggested the fuse was blown, replace the fuse. Now I’m super confused, I hooked up the relay as noted in the diagram without hooking up the new horn first. Press the horn button I can hear the relay click. I finished hooking up the horn as per the diagram and press the horn button and no sound. Double checked all connections and tried again… nothing .

Any ideas , besides hook up th old horn and return the new on? lol

Ok- so you hear the new relay clicking? This is good.
Now as per diagram you have one side of the relay (pin 87) going to the new horn.
The other side of new horn going to ground.

Where do you have the other side of the relay (Pin 30) going?

I suspect you have it going to the closest battery like in the pic?
If so- You need to detach the wire from the new horn to the frame ground and attache this wire to the NEG post on the same battery as your P30 wire is attached to.

Note- this is the only time I will suggest this. Normally any accessories should not attach to any battery in the cart. Doing so will create an unbalanced pack. In the case of this horn I doubt you will be using the horn often enough to cause an issue.

Normally all of the 12v accessories should go through the DC-DC converter. In the case with this horn, it might pull a spike of more than 15A when it runs. I wouldn’t want to put that kind of stress on the Converter.

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I have attached it exactly as a diagram shows,

I think maybe it’s time to just get another one that doesn’t draw so much amperage but would give a little more bed I think one of the older Puga horns would be sufficient maybe?

More pop and ah-Ooga horn… that’s the way it should have been … my bad

no- verify where your ground wire goes…

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Ground is going to frame …. Other ground wires are attached there as well

Take that ground- and only the horn ground - and hook it to the battery you have the relay feeding off.

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That would be the negative on the horn going to neg post on same battery that I connected the positive with inline fuse to , correct? I i’m just a little leery about the uneven Pack deal that you mentioned, Is that something I have to worry about do you think?