Hi from an Electric Aussie Autocross racer


I am a grassroots motorsport enthusiast based in Brisbane Australia. I have now built my second electric racer. I use it to compete in motorkhana, khanacross, autocross and hill climbs.

The first one was good but it was front wheel drive. As a result I was losing much of the electric advantage due to wheel spin off the line.

The latest one is rear engined and rear wheel drive so launching is awesome. It is still a work in progress trying to make it competitive against all the petrol cars.

It has been operational now for 12 months and I can’t get it to enough events. The results are always improving as I refine the setup.

The car weighs 500 KG. It has an aDvanced DC brushed 8 inch motor running through a full 5 speed FWD gearbox. The controller is a ZEVA 1000amp unit powered by 7 KWh of Lithium Ion batteries from a Chevy Volt.

The second last event of 2018 was the Noosa Hill Climb. It was only my second time at the event and I improved by 4 seconds. The car was still understeering but was managable. But the understeer prevents me from gaining too much confidence and holding corner speed. So I am still focused on improving that aspect of the car. Here is a video from that event:

Here are a couple of photos of the car.