Aussie Autocross EV

Hi here is the latest on my electric autocross machine. I had my first event for 2019 on Sunday. The car was good. It was only a practice day. I saw some great improvement resulting from my most recent modifications.

These are some images from my last event a week ago. I managed 7th outright against 44 competitors. I also managed 2nd in class.

I had a great day at the Mt Cotton Hill climb on Saturday. My results were not all that impressive but quite respectable for a first attempt. I did end up in the Macadamia nuts (quite an effective safety barrier) on my second run. This event has made me realise the “understeer” issue I had been trying to resolve is gone and what I am suffering from now is actually a brake bias issue. On the successful runs during the day I was forced to brake very early for the tight corners and enter at rather conservative speeds. On the second run I left the braking too late for the brakes to handle and as a result continued straight ahead into the nuts. There was no damage to the car or driver apart from some dents to the ego. All in all it was a very successful day as I now know what is required to make the car more competitive. Here are a few photos from the day.

That thing is cool AF.

You custom build it or is it a conversion? Curious on the power plant & batteries too.

Thanks, Yes I am quite happy with it considering where it is in the development cycle.

It is totally scratch built and my design. The motor is an 8 inch brushed DC attached to a full 5 speed gearbox. The controller is a ZEVA 1000amp unit. The batteries are 7kwh Chevy Volt providing 172v when fully charged.

Looks cool, judging buy the pictures of the car cornering it looks like the car could use sway bars ( or stronger sway bars) to keep the car from tilting in the turns and help keep more weight on the inside tires.

You Aussies have all the fun when it comes to this stuff. You get this, the skids and falcon xb’s… We get 400 left turns…

That car is sweet, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the engine output?

Thanks. Just turn left 3 times to turn it into a right!!

The output isn’t much compared to a combustion engine. It’s real advantage is the torque. But anyway I have managed to push around 100Kw through it.

Here are some videos from Saturday:

How many cells? 3 modules would be 36 or 48.
3 x 12s and a 6s I bet. 42s?

Curious, as I’m building harness for a boat builder using 3 x 12s. 4p

I have two modules but the modules are not equal. One is 4kwh and the other is 3kwh. Total pack is 42s 3p. 144v nominal

Here are my videos from the Noosa Hillclimb over the weekend: