Hey guys, I'm new

Hey, never been to these forums before!

Anyways, I’m limited on my knowledge of EV’s, my mom owns a highlander hybrid 06, and I had a quick question;

One of the main issues with Ev’s is charging times and ‘range anxiety’; Some solutions include removable battery packs and “ev’s” like the volt that have a built in electric generator inside. I had an idea: would there be some way that you could somehow drain and fill the battery acid in the batteries at a refilling station, through a port similar to a gas port, only it would have 2 ways of liquid coming out, a refill tank to temporarily hold the newly charged fluid, and a tank that would normally be used, but is emptied out when re-fueling, and would the battery acid be the part of the battery that hold the charge?

Now, given that I’m only 18 and don’t know jack-squat about electrical engineering or batteries or anything, this might come out as a really really dumb question that could even be considered insulting, so please don’t hesitate to laugh in my face about this inquiry. But is this at all possible, and if so, would it be difficult/costly to implement? Thanks.:wink:

Hi my is Angel…All my dear friend wish u happy new years this my first post int this forums.

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HA! I wrote this three years ago and completely forgot about it! :smiley:

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