Here is our new logo icon

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Logo Icon…revealed in black and white.

We will incorporate this icon into our current logo text and we will drop the circular icons.

Thank you to those who provided feedback and to those who gave us alternate ideas.

We are listening.

This will be my last comment on the logo.

The ultimate goal of this forum is to attract recognition and advertising revenue that will make it a profitable venture for the owner.

To do this it requires a few things. These include interesting content, a reader demographic that includes members with resources that are capable of purchasing product from the forum advertisers.

And above all interest of a group of advertisers that recognize investing in advertising in our forum will bring them a return.

IMHO the header is our face to the world. It needs to be something more sophisticated than an electric fuel pump splat or a group of icons out of a library of ordinary nothings.

The owner deserves Pizzazz not Mediocrity. Come up with something that makes a statement

Have a nice day


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I totally agree with all that you have said.

Will post a complete rendition of the logo this week. Like in all things, a good name is earned. Whatever logo we choose will eventually become synonymous with the quality of the forum, its content, and its members. If these are great, so will be the logo. If these are not, then no logo on the planet will make a difference.

Its improving, The colors need help. How about applying it over a color photo Montage (changeable) of Forum topic items.

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Note: Typing in electric://forum WON’T take you to site. I tried it

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There are a few “floating ideas” which I hope will crystalize soon, as our image matures over the various platforms.

What is clear is this, our logo will:

  1. Be clean & simple.

  2. It will render well in both color and in black and white

  3. It will be easy to embroider

  4. It will have an icon, which can be visible on small squares, as in mobile apps…

  5. It will be able to fit into the various social platform profiles where we also interact, such as Twitter and Facebook pages

  6. It will be applicable to a variety of “electric” sub-groups which interest our members: NEV’s, Drones, Home Charging stations, scooters, etc…not just vehicles.

  7. We will not be married to it. Its just a logo. The people and the content make up a great community.

…and no, typing: electric://forum into the URL wont take you to the site…! - but wait, that is not a bad idea.

I like the new logo, the fact that it’s designed in a minimalistic way fascinates me.