Help with my Chevy Volt Conversion

I bought my Gem 2 years ago and the typical frustration with junk batteries has finally gotten me on the Lithium battery train. I just purchased 2 Brand new 48V Chevy Volt batteries, BMS, new charger and cables. I have a brand new Ride 4 Fun 7.5 HP Motor with Ride 4 Fun charger. The controller was reprogrammed by Ride 4 Fun. I have read tons of threads on this site for the conversion, but I haven’t seen any diagram or pictures of the wiring from start to finish…meaning from extension cord to accelerator. Seems like most pix or diagrams only show the controller to shunt. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I should get my system this week.

We are going to need more info on which volt batteries you bought . They come in different configurations . the year and number of cells will help , pictures are best .

Both Chevy Volt batteries are 48 VDC 50 AH. Both are brand new with installed BMS.

I call shenanigans on that.

  1. Buying 44v Volt batteries from a seller that calls them 48v is a bad start. Yesterday a facebook post showed a guys house burned to the ground. In all likelihood charging as a 48v battery with a fake bms.
  2. To function properly, battery needs to be connected in the 88v configuration using a 300a + 24s bms. Possibly to find someone selling a custom built system, but unlikely. Unless it was @LithiumGods,

Kind of a hijack but you asked for help.
This is an example of a fake bms and 44v nominal battery sold by a %#*^. IMHO

Thank you @Inwo for the awesome info. When I get the batteries today…I will post a photo. Your recommendations and guidance are greatly appreciated…hence why I am on here. I have read a ton on Chargery dot com and willing to get whatever needed for a safe and efficient solution. Thanks for your help. J~

Great, the 24s Volt battery in a Gem is tried and true high performance upgrade.
The chargery bms is an easy one to use and works great. It does require contactors to kill power when there is a battery issue.
The cheap 24s smart bms are <$200 and have the switching built in. Limited to 300 amps. That seems to suffice for all but the hardcore hotrodder.
The point being, you need a real bms connected to all 24 cells.

what charger did you get



Charger doesn’t look familiar. Most dq chargers than can be programmed for over 96 volts are yellow.
Model number?
Either the Chargery 24t or 300a smart bms will work with your 88v 24s battery.
Did you get the orange cables that plug into sockets?

Tried to find specs on the bmv-712. All i found were low voltage models.
Will this on go to the needed 96v?

Is any of this returnable? It’s not the path that I would recommend. You could buy a good bms for similar cost.

I looked up the bmv-712 too because I’m wanting a bms gauge that will fit in a 52mm gauge pod for when I go lithium. Apparently this only goes up to 70v. The bmv-702 (non-Bluetooth model) will go up to 95v.

@drbriney I want to compliment you on your desire to get the facts and do this the right way . Some people come on here after buying something and get mad when told it might not work correctly . These are usually the ones that have problems and then say lithium is bad . We will get you thru this and into a safe usable system .

Get us a close up of the charger model # so we can look up specs . I have done a lot of Deltaq’s but never seen a Green one . I hope to learn something here .

He must not of got the memo

I attached a photo of the install so far. Both batteries are attached and bolted down under the rear seats with the Schaufer Lithium Battery charger. The Victron Batrery Gauge and shut installed and connected. I replaced the old disconnect switch with a new one. I finally connect the cables tomorrow and hopefully get this lithium conversion on the road. Any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you to Ernie in San Diego for a ton of help.