Help start a new biodiesel orchard

hey guys,
I have a project going in south texas, near banquette, Im trying to purchase 25 acres of land to grow jatropha curcas on. please visit to help me get started, and donate $1.00, I’ll plant a tree in your name (with plaque) or the name of a loved one for you.
I’ll even make a full tank of diesel available for free to anyone driving through the area that needs fuel. Just have to be registered as a donor and the fuel is free for you.
thanks in advance for your help.

I visited your web site and there is less information and are you making any bio-diesel plant there and go and post postings in business category.BMW Accessories

A good idea and one must not bother to take a risk to spend $1. But if the site have more details and success to have a trust the definitely you will be more successful in your project.