Help, Please

Hi My name is Gregg and I live in Point Loma/San Diego and we recently bought a 02 E825 S4 and it is awesome!! My wife was trying to help , I guess, and she was going to check the gear box oil?, and accidently put about 6 teaspoons(?) in the brake fluid resevoir:mad::mad: We only drove it about 45 minutes but the brakes started to thump when pressing down on them, and now its parked after I found out what happened. Please tell me if I can just flush and be okay, or am I in trouble here?? Thank you in advance.


Good Luck


Hi Old Houseboater, thank you and I am going to bleed them tonight, and hopefully there isn’t too much damage.


Did the oil not float on top of the brake fluid where you could syphon it off?

well, it was 75 w 90 and we drove and only about 5 or 6 tablespoons as the reservoir was almost full. We drove it for about 45 minutes and everything was fine, the I started to feel a bumping as I would press down on the brake pedal. Do you think I should just siphon, or drain?

If it’s floating you can syphon and blot. However if it mixed it will swell and soften the seals. I would take the lines off at the master cylinder and se if any got into the lines. if not I would flush the master cylinder real good.


Hi Rodney, Thank you and that’s what I will do. I was thinking that the bumping feeling was because maybe something was already messing up? Also, I am going to need millimeter wrenches correct? Thank you again

Or a pair of channel locks.

okay, thank you and I hope its just in the master, as I really don’t want to bleed the brakes, but I will

Hey Rodney, Do you think that a little bit of gear oil in there for less than 3 hours would cause the bumping/pulsing feeling, or is that a rotor problem you think?

No. Jack the car up and see if you can determine the problem corner. 2002’s are ready for a new set of wheel cylinders if they havent been changed out. They are cheap on ebay, Any leaking or frozen up cylinders should be replaced NOW. These cars are heavy and need all the brakes they have in good condition. You might have to have 1 drum turned or you might find a bad wheel bearing.