Brake fluid e825

Was hoping someone could walk me through the steps to adding, and bleeding front brakes. And what to look for as far as bad bladder, or discoloration. Not even sure what the right brake fluid should be. Everything is stock, lines, shoes, master.
Thank you in advance for any information.
God bless,
Scott and Carla

It uses DOT 3 brake fluid and there is nothing different about it than flushing and bleeding the brakes on any other “normal” car. Start with the one furthest from the master cylinder and work your way closer. You’ll need an 8mm wrench for the bleeder fittings.

Awesome. Same deal, have wifey pump pedal, then hold pedal down while I open bleed valve, close. Pump pedal, move to next, repeat ?
Thank you

Correct. Pump / hold pedal until you see clear fluid going through your bleeder hose into the collection bottle. It takes a while for the first wheel, then keeps getting shorter.

The reservoir is really small too, so keep a close eye on it so you don’t run all the fluid out.

As always, we thank you for your knowledge, time, and patience with my novice self. Found a downloadable owners manual today.
Going to print it out, and have it in a binder. Should help me avoid bothering you, and the forum with ‘should know’ stuff.
Really want to go through it, seems alot of stuff not secured properly.
I have a championship roadracing background, and stuff like that seems wack.
Looking forward to enjoying our GEM.
Very grateful to you.
God bless,
Scott and Carla

As advised, struggled a bit with rear/passenger side, at first.
Would like to find clear tube to plug on end of bleed valve, as trying to get anything close enough was futile…messy. I Used a 12" irrigation drip line, for now. Went excellent.
Brake pedal now has less than 1" travel. Much safer. Awesome.
Thank you
Scott and Carla

Another way to do it one man is to get a sacrificial brake fluid reservoir cap (pretty sure available at napa) and drill a hole in the center just big enough to get a pneumatic connector on and make sure its screwed on and sealed well. First assure that the brake fluid reservoir isn’t cracked or has too much sun damage (could rupture that reservoir tank). Screw on your newly specialized tool (before attaching the air line) and then using an air compressor set the regulator at about 15 to 20 PSI. Now you can bleed brake fluid to your hearts content.


I made a bleeding system from a garden pump for bleeding the truck brakes. No compressor needed as you pump up pressure using the builtin pump of the garden weed sprayer. Would be better if a big bottle of brake fluid could be put inside the weed sprayer with the output hose stuck into the bottle. Then you could bleed the system, release pressure, remove the bottle and cap it for later use.

Got the idea online somewhere many years ago.