2005 GEM e4 Brake goes to the floor

I have a 2005 GEM e4 that sat for a while. I got a lithium kit from @LithiumGods , and holy crap does this thing fly now with the AC motor conversion from @lnwo.

Fun experience when I was testing it out…the brake pedal goes to the floor. Not the best combination with the power it now has.

I have regen on the AC motor, which really helps slow it down, but I obviously need brakes. The brake fluid is full in the tank, but not sure what to check next. I did reach out to a local NEV mechanic that comes to my area (Celebration, FL) but not sure if they are still around.

Try bleeding your brakes first.

Probably many ytube university courses on how to bleed hydraulic brakes.
It doesn’t need to be Gem/cart specific. Theory works the same on big/little cars…

Works best with a coordinated effort using two people, but can be done with one. Some people use all sorts of nifty tools and pressure pots, but is just more money. Old school method is done with a wrench, short length of clear tubing, a catch can, and a bottle of new fluid.


Rat Rod Park Brake

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Thank you @AssyRequired , you have reassured me I can do it. I checked some of the videos and it does seem straightforward. I’m going to give that a whirl first. Old school with the tubing and a waste bottle sounds perfect.

Key is proper communication with your pedal pusher as you are working the bleed screw.

  • Have the pedal guy cycle the pedal rapidly a few times to build up some pressure then hold it and say “pressure”.
  • Then you open the valve for a moment and bleed that off. Hopefully you see some fluid come out your end, then close it off when it stops and before the pedal comes up again otherwise air can come back in from the wheel.
  • Once closed, you can tell the pedal to come up. At which time the presser can pump it a few times and build up pressure again. When done he says “pressure” to let you know he is ready.
  • Then you open the valve again.
  • Repeat several times, then move to the next wheel.
  • You may need to circle around the car a few times before all the air is out.
  • Use the best little (properly sized) box wrench you can find on that little bleed screw. Don’t use vise grips.
  • If that bleed screw is really stuck put a tiny 6 point socket on it for best results. Then put the box wrench and hose on it for all the opening and closing thing. You don’t need to super crank it for bleeding, Just snug is fine, then a little tighter when finished.
  • The little bleed nipples strip easily and sometimes have been known to twist off so make sure you are turning the right direction.

Can’t help your brake issue , I had just the opposite, no play in the brake, and the solution was the same. I think the shop charged me $100 to bleed and refill. Still works…
Also very interested in your Lithium conversion.
Did you have to change or just reprogram the charger.
Where can I have someone do this for me and a ball park figure?.
I have a 2005 E2 to upgrade or sell… Thanks…

A drop in Samsung battery works with oem charger. About 30 miles range $2750

Nearest to you is Orange co. Or @ScottyD in oakdale. You would need to deliver car to them or diy.