Help identifying a 2017 polaris gem charger

Need some help.

This is a online bid and its across the country for me.

Is this a factory lithium ion charger?

Are those the best pictures that the seller offered?
Is there a model or part no?

It’s an auction, unfortunately that’s the best I can get. I have not seen another charger besides a delta q. Which makes me think it’s a factory lithium car.

It’s a Zivan SG3.

Maybe the Polaris parts guides will show it was an option or if someone modified their GEM to use it

I could barely make out the Zivan on the label. I have never seen one.
Was this part of a fast charge option?

The fact that it is not installed sets off a weird flag here.

Its at a dealer auction. Front bumper removed. Ive bought 3 of these so far and its not out of the ordinary

That front bumper is not removed, it is broken off. The front quarter panels are snapped off. So it appears.

Yes that’s a zivan 3kW, most likely used for fleets.
Got one and I was able to charge lithium 14s at high amp, 3x faster than deltaQ
I couldn’t make it go over 58.5v yet.

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I sent one to Dave for repair, as soon as I get it back I will start testing to see if it can be adjusted/spoofed. Want to see if it plays nice with my big lithium packs. Also wondering if a non Polaris version would work in a Gem?

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