Has anyone used these contactors to replace the factory unit?

I need to replace my contactor. I am considering this as a replacement option. It comes in 400a and 600a.

Has anyone used these? Recommendations please?

We tested my contactor and according to the test procedures it is bad.

Mike and I have. Get the big one.

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72v across the coil?
No click?
Power off test coil ohms?

Followed test procedure in manual. 72V across coil, Step on gas to engage coil, no power to small wire it said to test to. Cant remember procedure right now but tested multiple times, same result.

The controller pulls the contactor in by grounding (B-) the coil.
Leave B+ connected to the coil. Disconnect the other lead going to the controller.
Complete the coil circuit to battery negative to energize coil.
If coil is open, no result. If shorted it will spark substantially. Use a fused test jumper if concerned.
That’s why Gem can tell you to do it that way.
The coil is a simple electro-magnet. Connect it to battery and it pulls the armature in.