Main Contactor Ohm reading across coil leads

I have a 2015 Gem eLXD with MAIN CONTACTOR part # 4013854 . Trying to determine if it is faulty, troubleshooting guide in manual indicated so. Got 450 Ohms across the coil leads (the small tabs). Wondering if anyone has the spec or can take a reading off their unit. It is part 13 under the dash on the backside of the power panel.

hi on ahlbright pdf they say 427 ohms

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awesome… thank you… trying to figure out how to call this “answered”

Just want to share that I think this troubleshooting guide is wrong.
Taken from 2014 Gem Car service manual Electrical troubleshooting guide step 7.
If the contactor didn’t go from 72 V to 0V then that would mean the solenoid coil didn’t have a voltage difference across it, which would mean no current, meaning it wouldn’t operate the solenoid core an close the contactor. Perhaps going to 0V is an excessive voltage drop, but these devices are 10-20 Watt devices, so 72V/450Ohm = 0.16Amps… which is… (i^2*R=P= 11.5 Watts)… so the math works and so does the actual contactor in question in this thread. If the black and green wire didn’t go to 0V (relative to ground), then that would mean the switch that grounds it based on the accelerator pedal position that lives in the motor controller isn’t working.


What do you think is wrong?
One side of the coil is B+.
The other side connects to B- inside the motor controller, when safety logic is correct.

Yes= replace contactor if goes to zero AND contactor does not pull in = open coil.