Contactor for rebuild

Do I need a new contactor for my rebuild with the 89v Lithium setup?
My gem came with a 48v one…

If so, anyone have one for 2013 Gem e4 they want to part with?

That looks strange. Are there two 48v coils?

(This is that hybrid/FrankenGem/48v golf cart setup.)

Hey Clubmc → it might be best to keep this contained all in the same topic/thread.

Ok. I was thinking the thread would get too long. But if that is the preferred method, will do! Thanks!

I believe it is this one…
It is a total of 48v 200amp, double make/double break.
I think I woud prefer to use the 72 volt contactor as it takes up less space. The only one I have found is from NEV accessories.

Ok, you can change it if you prefer.