Gem 1400 lithium

New to me 2014 48v Gem.
Building a 14s E-golf battery using 17s jk bms that I had ordered by mistake. :slight_smile:

Love this car already. A.c. Sevcon rear wheel drive flat bed dump.

Gem not GEM… :slight_smile:
Is this the one from New Mexico?

That looks like it’s gonna be fun

Yes, it is. 6.5 kw motor and 48v S4 sevcon. If it’s not locked down, I can get a Polaris 48v DCF from it.
Perfect for 9,000rpm in a new Gem.
Charging a dead cell in the E-golf, then I can connect battery and dvt.
Don’t know what happened. Went dead on the shelf in 6 months.

That would be great if the DCF works.

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