Hard ride on eL

I have a 2002 eL and it rides like a truck, well I guess it is a truck. You can feel every crack in the road and if on a poorly pave street you bounce around a lot:eek:

I’ve removed two of the four shocks on the rear but that was little to no help. Has anyone replaced the shocks with softer automobile replacements? If yes, what type did you use?

Thanks for your time.


The GEM will never ride as good as a modern automobile. The suspension, especially pre-2005, is quite crude. Removing two shocks has been known to help. Have you checked all of the rear suspension bushings? All three of our 2002 GEMs have had these bushings replaced.

Thanks for the response. No I haven’t checked the bushings, I’ll do that this morning.


check the air pressure in the tires…let some out so that the tire can soften up the ride if you are not using the truck for hauling heavy loads…