1999 E4 with bad Coil over shock bushings. Replace entire shock or just bushings

I have 1999 E4 (4 passenger) with ugly coil over shock bushings. The shocks themselves LOOK good but I doubt anyone had changed them out, so I expect them to be original. I’m not sure if I should replace them for ~$100+ each given their age or just buy some replacement bushings. Its hard to tell if the current shocks are any good. There are a lot of dirt, rocky and bumpy roads in my area so the whole cart squeaks, creaks, and grumbles. :grin: I did a leaf cell lithium upgrade (thanks to this forum) so the ride is even stiffer since I drop over 200lbs of weight. They basically don’t move so I’m not sure if replacing them will be any benefit. I read all the forum info about a softer ride but it seems as if I’m just going to live with it.

Opinions? Replace the complete shocks or just bushings.


I have a few bushings left


Do you still happen to have any bushings for the shocks left. I am not sure I want to replace the whole shocks in the front or not. The ones from NEV Accessories are yellow which would make me feel compelled to replace all 4 to match, which would get expensive. Also my GEM is an eL XD truck so maybe they are different than most GEMs. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.