Hard doors strap fails! 2016+ E4

Hey gang!

I have a 2017 E4 with hard doors. We opened it the other day in strong winds and our little strap snapped. Does anyone have any best practices on a replacement? I want to know whats the best way to access that little rod.


Hey I’m glad you asked. I have the same problem. My nylon door stop/strap broke as well I need to order a new one. I’m guessing the nylon broke down and became brittle and snap. The question is what’s the part number where we can order a new one. It would be nice if we could order online.

I’m guessing if you take the 8 point bolts out you will be able to remove the loop section from the door and install a new one

I think this is the part: 2686690 STRAP-DOOR,STOP $17.49

Same price at Polaris (https://gem.polaris.com/en-us/parts/#/s/POL//2686690/1) and Partzilla (https://www.partzilla.com/search?q=2686690)

Hey thanks for the link, I ordered one

It looks like the door panel has to be removed to install the strap. If so would you please assess two items for me:

  1. the possibility of adding an electric door lock capability to the existing manual locks or else replacing the manual locks with ones that have electric capability. I have the remote control – just need a lock solution.

  2. the feasibility of adding sound damping mats (eg, Design Engineering 050210 Boom Mat Sound 2mm Damping Material with Adhesive Backing). Conceerns include interference with window operation.