2000 GEM E4 Rear seat safety rail/netting/bar/etc to keep Munchkins in

Thanks for your past help with my 2000 E4 charging system, fixed the problem with a new sensor.

My next question is: Has anyone installed a bar, netting, or other restraint for the back seat passengers (without installing doors plus cost on retiree income is very high) I have a grand daughter and my wife would feel more comfortable with some type of bar or other visual barrier (may not meet all DOT standards) but would help.

Even with the rear seatbelts the feeling of falling out is scary according to my wife……….

Any suggestions?


I have seen some 1/2 doors that Rental company’s install on their gems that look like they do a good job at keeping people in. They look like some aftermarket 1/2 door that opens and closes. I had seen the same sort of thing installed on UTVs

I don’t know where you can source these aluminum 1/2 doors.

You could install the Soft doors. The canvas doors with a frame. They are set up so you can just run the rear doors.

Thanks Grantwest for the info, I have a couple inquiries out to Soft doors and another source of doors for help.
I have a net type 1/2 door on our Polaris Ranger 800 that works well, keeps passengers feel like they are secure but easy in and out.
I’ll let you know if I find anything

I had soft doors on my other gem and the framed soft on my new one. Both give a feeling of security but come with warnings to not lean too hard on them. I haven’t had one open yet while driving, but I’ve heard of it happening. The framed ones do feel much more substantial. I like your atv or race car type netting idea. Would also be fairly easy to do an aluminum bar or hoop. There are handles available that fit on the sides of the seats that make people feel more secure. I’ve seen them on eBay.