Harddoor Windows

I picked up 2 E4’s with hard doors. Both cars have a drivers side window that’s broken. In the past I have been able to go to a local plastic place and have them Cut me a new plastic window. The problem here is that the Grey Plastic window latch that sits atop the plastic window is missing. I was wondering #1 if anyone had some
I was told by a reliable source that the plastic window latch I’m requesting Only comes with a window. Last time I check a rear plastic window for a car with hard doors was $300. Um no thanks. And Ideas???

And while we are on topic of hard door Gem Car parts. I was wondering if anybody had a source for the black window trim felt that goes on the with sides of the door. I found some stuff on Amazon but it doesn’t seem to quite match what the factory Gem stuff is

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hi Grant… you don’t say what year the cars are… older (2000-2004) car parts might be found at NEVAccessories… they don’t have a free number 408-753-0684… GEMCarPartsDirect… (Karen) 888–677-4961… both have websites… also have a member of my FB group… Gear Shop llc in St Pete FL… I don’t have a name (727) 692-5835 but he is a builder… hope this helps


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OK well I answered my own question and feel stupid Gem Car parts direct.com has the very window latches I’m looking for for $23 apiece I guess the information I received was in accurate

Good point and by the way all years from 2000 all the way up till 2016 classic the window latches are all the same so the year does not have any bearing

thanks Grant I posted the photo on my FB group… a replay today said that the member bought windows from Polaris and the latches were not included… now he has a part number…


I had a local plastics company cut new windows for $90 each. (drivers and passenger)
Polaris wanted $300 each for new windows Rediclous

that is good to know… I have a local friend with an 04 eL that says his windows don’r stay in the tracts… maybe he needs a thicker window… how did you find the plastic company


Local Glass company cut me a new door window for $81 Perfect match shape and color.


Hey just a little more info on the hard doors. Like previously mentioned I replaced the broken window.
I took the extra time to line the window frame of interior and exterior plastic door frame with felt. It has double side sticky on the back and stops the window rattle from the window not rocking back and forth in the track and tapping on the plastic