Grease zerks?

I’ve been trying to take care of my GEM as best as I can until I get the new batteries. I’ve been cleaning up some minor rust here and there, and I just noticed a grease zerk on the inside of the wheels…what kind of grease should I add here…and also…where does the grease go? The zerk just seems to be so close to where the brake cable enters the wheel, I’d hate to get grease on the disks. Also, should I have to do anything at all to the transmission, as in checking/adding oil? Thanks!

This post does not make any sense. The brake cables go to the rear wheels only. The brake disks are on the front wheels only. The only grease fittings ever used on a GEM are on front drum brakes that have neither cables nor discs. It is possible this GEM has had a disk brake conversion, such as the kit sold by NEV Accessories. These grease fittings are for the kingpins. None of ours will take grease. Ordinary chassis grease is fine. It would be a good idea to change the gear oil in the transaxle.


These grease zerks are on the inside of the rear wheels, so I don’t think there is a kingpin involved. Should I just disregard them? I didn’t know if it was maybe for the wheel hub, sort of like a boat or utility trailer wheel.

I do not know of any rear grease fittings or rear disc brakes on a GEM. What year and model do you have?

It’s a 2002. I’ll try and take a picture and post it here. I guess it doesn’t make sense, but all I can do is post the picture and then see what y’all think! Thanks.

I may be just the parking brake cable that I’m seeing, but I’m also seeing a grease zerk. I’ll post the picture as soon as I can!

Are you sure its not the brake bleeder screw? We have several 2002 GEMs, none of which have grease fittings in the rear.


These pictures are both of the rear driver’s side wheel hub from the inside. One shows what I think is the parking brake cable, and the other shows what I assumed to be a grease zerk. I was messing around with this wheel because it seemed to be the only one that had a rust problem!

That is the wheel cylinder bleeder nipple. Looks like there has been wheel cylinder leakage in the past. It is common for the parking brake lever to seize at the pivot joint just inside the drum.


Thanks, Daniel. That clears things up a bit! I took the wheel off, and wanted to remove the hub to really clean things up, but hesitated because I was afraid to break off or strip one or more bolts. The parking brake is working fine. Should I just try and clean up some of the rust with petroleum jelly or something? Thanks.

First be sure there is no wetness anywhere. Wetness means brake leakage.