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It’s also known as hyper-miling in the hybrid community. I slowed from 70 to 60 (55 is too dangerous as EVERYONE is passing me like I’m standing still and many cut me off in anger) and my MPG avg. increased by 2.5 mpg. I only lose 3 minutes on my 21 mile commute. If I didn’t care about my paint and windshield I’d have the perfect opportunity to draft semis (since they go 65)on the freeway for most of the distance. I did that one time and got 5 more miles to the gallon!!!


Just as I was leaving Portland they were thinking of raising the speed limit on I-84 by 10MPH. Now given after driving across the entire country this summer Oregon by FARRRR has the slowest speed limits in the country (and they were only recently raised on the interstate about 6 or 7 years ago).

But when that raise came up Portland residents threw a fit!! It was great. Not sure if it ever got passed. I guess I need to call back and find out.

And heck yes it makes a difference. My wife drives her TDI (its an 06 hence the poor mileage compared to the others) and gets 42MPG on average. I drive it while her parents are here and I get 45 and that is with an extra 450 + pouds in the car. I drove with her the other day and I found out why. She has brakes she figures she might as well use them and if the car can go 70 in a 55 and she has a high probablity of not getting pulled over she will do it. Sas thing is she keeps up with traffic and even gets passed. Me I just piddle along and enjoy the music and scenery :rolleyes:

When I drove 70mph I got 30 mpg. I slowed down to 65 and got 34mpg. I now drive 62 and get 36mpg. I drive a 2002 Ford Focus on the interstate 80 miles per day. I would like to get an electric vehicle in the future, but it will have to get at least 40 miles to a charge in the worst conditions.:slight_smile:

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