Global Green Cars G-3 Pickup

On August 29th I was in Salt Lake City at Rocky Mountain Raceway and saw the Global Green Cars G-3 go around the track as the pacecar. It paced 13 races at about 50 miles an hour doing about 3-4 laps per race on a super-quarter track. That’s about 11 miles at 50 miles per hour. Not bad for an EV pickup truck. Before and after the race night, they were giving public demo rides. It accelerated nicely, was large and comfortable inside with Corbeau seats. They said it could carry 1,000 pounds in teh bed. As stiff as the suspension was (weighing 2,900 lbs) I believed them. I just thought you would like to know there’s another player coming up again with a FMVSS-compliant truck. The truck was featrured in USA Today September 3rd. Looks like they’ll be the only one with a highway-ready plug-in EV pickup truck in 2010.