Giving it something to do, but how?

I have this no name wind turbine from our friends in the east. It has a 3 phase alternator and I am trying to figure out what it can produce in terms of power.
It is sold as 6000w but we all know that is never gonna happen for a cheap and small turbine like this.

Now in an effort of getting some useful statistics out of it I have been going at it for a while with a multi meter and a drill and a tachometer.

I was lead to believe I should be getting small car lights to be able to learn more but now the question comes.

I can order a few smaller car lights. 12v 5w, 12v 10w and 24v 10w. 48v lights with low wattage I did not find yet.
Can I hook up those lights in series and/or in parallel? Will 2 x 12v 5 watt lights in series result in a load of 12v 10w?
And what would the resulting load be if I hook up 2 x 12v 5w lights in parallel?