Cheap Generator

I have a $100 1000 watt generator that is amazing EXCEPT I’m on my 3rd capacitor. Anybody know why? I keep a spare on hand. their only 5 bucks, but it’s a PITA when it wont start.

Is it the voltage regulator cap?

Yes it is .

No idea!:confused:

Capacitors don’t like heat, vibration, and voltage spikes.

You didn’t replace with a different type.
Metal can is “run” cap for continuous use. Oil filled generally.
Plastic electrolytic are for starting use.

I’ve changed some, but only because they lost uf after years of operation.

Do they test “open” or low value?

Didn’t test them. The little puppy wouldn’t start so first thing I did was Googled Generator No Startemupem and most answers said replace the cap. I did and it did so I was Happy Happy Happy. - Until it puked again.


Most are 370v rated. More is better.
If it over revs. Voltage across cap spikes.
I’ve heard overloading gen. is hard on caps, don’t see how that works.

Is yours in a tin can?

Yeah 370volt I’ll try to find one with a higher voltage rating. I do use it to the max.

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