George inventory this trip 7/5


100+ SDI cells
24s Tote battery drop in ready. Extra Tote for diy 24s SDI. Cost $50.
14s Nema battery 48v if loaded tomorrow
Possible 22s Samsung from Ernie on return trip. @Erniea15
Sam 14s nema

George gave me a dc motor. Let me know if you need it, I’ll make him take it back.
Various Pmac motors and Gabe transmissions. @djgabriel2004
HPEV ac motor ac-20 with shaft extension for auto use. Ask for info.
Many types Sevcon Gen4 in stock.
Extra Think gear box. Not mine, member loaned. 3D printed flange adaptor Grazi to Dana/Spicer.
Last Goliath battery in captivity with plug in balance leads. @grantwest (pay when you use it)

Goliath specs

Many types load resistors. .5 ohm to 3 ohm 300+ watts. What do you need?
@AssyRequired Got any more Gigantic Resistors? I can use them. I rune 300a thru them. :slight_smile:

5 Tesla-X batteries left. 6s each. 3 fit to make 18s tool box battery. @djgabriel2004

Black tool box in stock. Rare!

Ruff-N-Tuff 4.4kw dc motor big dia torque motor.

Drop-in 16s/18s combo Tool box battery. Ready to load. High performance 2016+ battery using 3x6s Tesla-X.


I just asked him 2 of them, having to discharge the tesla battery driving is a pain
How did you tune them up for 300A?

LOL = First world problems… lol

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@Inwo - Dave if he is coming thru KC I might take some cells and I can throw on the Pmac you want back. Just if it works out
Oh, but I will be in SD this coming weekend with @Erniea15 - yippeeThe

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From memory. (test first) Not responsible for burned fingers.
1/4ohm each.
2 in series = 1/2 ohm.
Ohms law 1/2 ohm will draw 2x voltage. 50v =100 amps.
1x draws 4 times voltage. 50v =200 amps.
2 in parallel draws 8x volts. 50v = 400 amps.
Use fan as needed.

Boost current draw by shorting turns.

Unless you are used to arc welding, connect with fets off. Then turn on to monitor current draw.
More importantly turn off fets before disconnecting load.
If you haven’t disconnected a few 100 amps dc, you are in for a surprise. :slight_smile:

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100 cells are going either way. If not spoken for Scott will keep them all in Ca. @ScottyD
Scott has a wide selection of used parts a chassis for test mules. Also will make vinyl covers for your batteries.
Be aware I’m trying to get him to raise prices. He works cheap. :slight_smile:

LOL - we all seem to have the problem - @Erniea15 and I have discussed multiple times that buying things and selling them for less than you paid is not a good business plan… :slight_smile: But that is how we seem to work. I like to seeing people excited and happy more than a buck - but there has to be a break even point…lol


Scott is excited about helping people and getting good reviews for a couple Samsung batteries installed by him…

I have a good selection of smaller 300w load resistors. Just found an example of a multi bank load. Might be the one @LithiumGods got.
These look like the 3 ohm ones.

What vehicle do you have, again?


2016 EL XD
Charles City IA

What is George’s path and when?

Yes- I should have 5 more of those huge resistors. Gabe wants two. Does anyone else have a use for two (seeing how it looks like these are most useful in pairs)

I was toying with the idea of doing a series of saw cuts on one of them to see if i could raise the resistance to make it more useful? (Or totally ruin it in the process)

Don’t do that. Ill buy more. Even one more will help. 2 would be perfect. Ill trade you some 300watt for them.
Who knows where George goes. Hope he checks in.
I may still have that set of 6 around yet.