Generic replacement 12v accessory battery

What is the generic battery that I can use to replace the Polaris 12v Battery - 4014770 ? This little battery is $130 if bought with the Polaris name on it.
I know my friends here can tell me the battery replacement that is not so overpriced.
My old one got down to 3 volts, time for a new one.

Any 12v battery you like. It uses a float charger, so chemistry is not an issue.
Bigger is better if you worry about acc load or going dead.

It is the Dimension that is the problem Dave, it has to fit in the metal box under the dash. When I look up the Polaris battery on Amazoon they show .3"x.3"x.3". They are making sure I don’t find a cheaper general replacement. But the battery has to fit the hole.

They are making sure I don’t find a cheaper general replacement.

I doubt they are being quite that devious. It sounds like the guy building that web page either didn’t have that info or was just being lazy.

You have the ability to do and end-run around the corporate greedy price setters.
Grab that battery out of your tray and measure it. Then go online and find a battery supplier, locate a cross reference chart and either get one to fit your tray or find the dims of the battery you took out.

Pro-tip: Take pics of your setup before removing the old battery. Keep track of where the wires attach and the direction it is oriented in the tray.

Got the pictures and I am ready for the new one when it arrives. It is a funny size battery so I looked for that battery but at the best price.

Got it a Renegade Batteries. Free ship and no tax

4014770 Polaris
SKU: 4014770-14AH-BS
Saved close to $60 off of amazon price.
This battery when it is not working (low voltage) the car is just dead. Thought it might have gotten damaged in the Hurricane (it is in Florida on the coast) but it was something I did that had a drain on the 12v constant line.
Thanks for the help

direct link: 4014770 Polaris | Renegade Battery

Did you get this and install it yet?

Any thoughts or feedback?

Did it just drop right in?

I know mine is original from 2016 but not having any issues but also dont want to wait for any to happen.

Wow , I’m sorry I did not answer this question. Yes I installed this battery and it was perfect. My 12v battery was not being charged because the dc/dc converter was not working. The connector likes to get loose and has to be worked on. Bend the connector a little. Now getting the converter un-bolted from the mount is REAL hard. I changed the mounting with some rivnuts.