GEM E520 battery help.

Just bought at auction, charger is deed, Going through the Series 31 Deep cell battery’s now and charging with 12V car charger to test what ones are bad and what ones are good. Suspect even good ones are boarder line and will just replace all. So a few questions

  1. Charger is model SMPS 48V/15A, Can u replace with any 48V 15A golf cart charger?
  2. If so any ones that are better then others?
  3. If so any that have a lead and external charge gauge I can mount on dash? ( Will research myself but figured I would ask due to question #2)
  4. Looks like 2 batteries in the rear and 2 in front. Worth putting all 4 in rear or best to keep that weight on the front drive axle?
  5. If I keep should 2 in front should I add 2 more in the space under the seat for total of 6? I would have to play around with 2 in parallel then 4 in series to keep the 48 Volt. or
  6. Best to go with 6 in series and 72 Volt and replace parts to allow? What parts assume motor, controller? everything else seems to be 12V so either wired to just one battery or system is droping volts for everything else.
    Sure there are other items but figured this would get me thinking on a plan.


My condolences you bought a n obsolete 48 volt cart which has NO value.

1 any 48 volt charger will work

2 older transformer chargers are trouble free most of the time

3 State of Charge gauges for 48 volt battery packs are available on ebay

4 You want the weight on the front.

5 Stick with the present set up.

6 Since the cart has no value take your loss and buy a 72 volt cart.


NO value? Bought cheap and only going to use for my kids to drive around campground when camping. So for that use and even if I need to put 3 new batters, and changer (600-700) its well worth it to me. Also why spend the money for a 72 Volt cart when never going to use on the road? Its about the use of the item for the value to the person. You I am betting use for road use and transportation. We on the other hand to play on and get back and forth from the pool to camper 20 days a year.

Thanks for your replay and answers though.