Gem2 2013 regen overheating motor

New to the forum and new to a 2013 Gem2. I could not find this topic yet, so forgive me if I have that wrong.

When I purchased the Gem2 it was not running. I found error 81 on the forum and sure enough, the sensor was faulty. I disconnected the sensor and ran the vehicle for a couple of weeks while waiting for the replacement sensor.

The car ran slowly but no other issues. I could go up and down hills and other than being painfully slow, it worked well. No regen on the downhill.

To my delight as soon as I plugged in the new sensor the car started to run faster, and I am very happy with the performance. I live on an island that is speed limited, ideal for the Gem. So I took my wife for a ride, and on our way back home I could smell the motor overheating. I opened the hood and could see a bit of smoke coming out of the motor.

I did not sleep well that night, afraid I had cooked the motor. Happily next morning the car ran normally again, but I took it easy. On the way home (downhill) I could again smell the hot motor.

So I started to measure the temperature of the motor at various times during my ride. It turns out it only heats up going downhill, no matter what speed. I installed a Cycle Analyst, and I can see that the regen is connected to the problem.

Does anyone know how this can be avoided? Can the regen be turned off?

Thank you

regen settings = bigger numbers less regen

Smaller numbers = more aggressive regen