Regen for 7.5hp blue motor

I just swapped in a blue motor for my shot stock one in my 2002, everything is great except the regen doesn’t kick in going down hills anymore. Around here we have several steep hills and i never had to touch the brakes - 25mph solid down the steep ones and of course a little bonus juice.

Now I’ll hit 35mph going downhill unless I ride the brakes - and I’d rather not do that.

I’ve got a programmer, anyone know what to adjust so I can get my regen back?

Have you tried adjusting your throttle lift regen settings? Lower numbers are more aggressive,


Note - no regen with HI-SPEED magnet.

I haven’t installed any magnets, and my indicated and actual speed match, so I’ll play with the programmer and see what I come up with.

My blue motor has little regen.
ride4fun rebuilt controller still the same.
I tried kicking it out of gear down hill and then back to forward,
I can feel a little drag but not much.
Maybe regen isn’t possible with ride4fun?

It’s possible without the Hi Speed magnet.

on a t4 it is #20 . I have mine on 30 , lots of regen . on my previous cart I had the rff motor and it would regen . i’m not that familiar with the t2 but I think its the same .

p.s. anyone that lives in a hilly area should program in more regen . if you don’t and your gem starts going too fast , it well apply plug braking . this is where the controller flips polarity in your motor then applies lots of amps in the opposite direction to try and slow the motor . hard on the controller , hard on the motor and uses power out of your pack instead of putting power back in like regen does.

you can also turn off plug braking in your controller BUT without additional regen it well have nothing to slow it going down hill .

Ride4Fun can not provide regen on T-1 controler with blue motor.
Because of no regen I am installing disc brake kit this weekend.

You need disk brakes wit blue motor. Stock brakes are iffy past 25 mph.


Just finished the disc brake conversion.
Wow what a difference. I can lockup the front wheels now. I have low profile 12" wheels had to use 2" of spacer.
My only complaint with the kit is cheep grade 5 hardware. Had to junk everything and buy grade 8.

The 2" spacers give a softer ride because the front end is 4" wider

In many cases front spacers create a wandering darty bear.