2013 E4 temp warning

I have never had our car Overheat. The temp light on the dash came on and the car was in reduced speed. When I got home I checked the motor with a temp gauge it was 208. Seems hot. I could smell it as well,any Ideas

90% Probability of dragging brake. jack all 4 corners and check

Does re-gen create lots of heat because we were comming down a steep hill on regen


if the cart was trying to hold your speed back going down the hill it would go into plug braking .

I disabled mine and I like it better . but I don’t have hills to test it on . you should disable yours , its hard on the motor and hard on the controller .

warning : your cart well have nothing to slow it down going downhill except your brakes . it well basically act like a regular car down hill.

My brakes must be rubbing too. What is easiest way to check this?
Should I disable regen braking as well?
Thanks in advance.

Jack up the car and spin the tires

Could something have happened to cause this when I had my batteries replaced?

You didn’t state your problem or any info on your Gem

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I have 2005 GEM e4. I have recently replaced batteries. I had a temp warning come on after coming down a steep hill… I have rubbing batteries I believe as e-brake light pops on and off intermittently.

Any luck here?
Thanks in advance!

what does rubbing batteries mean ?

rubbing brakes***
thanks in advance

When coming down a big hill if your gem tries to go over 25 mph and it does not have a Magic magnet it will try and slow it’s self down using plug braking . Plug braking uses your motor to slow you and adds a lot of heat . If you use your brakes to keep your speed down the motor wont work so hard . And if someone really knows how to reprogram a controller properly they can reduce the effect .