Gem Rockford Factory Stereo

That’s perfect. I can’t read the model number?

Mike As long as you Buy “mechless” your good to go. I saw Amazon had a $99 Alpine unit

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If you want it it’s yours. just pay for shipping.

That is all I need, do you still have the pigtail for the back (power wire plug)?
Whats your paypal?

Yeah i have it. I actually connected the new unit in parallel so I have to go to the GEM and cut the old connector.

You have money - Thank you

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Will ship next week, I’ll send you the tracking via dm

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I am late to the party, but for reference my 2016 Gem came with a Pyle PLMR27BTB. I wouldn’t say it’s a great headunit, but it works!

Every time I see this thread description pop up…


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Rockford. dam James Garner shure had the Reverse spin around U turns down!


He might have perfected it in Baja getting lost and quickly backtracking to find the course again. LOL
He was a racer at heart! ORMHOF - Legends Live at the Hall of Fame - James Garner