Gem Car headliner and overhead console stereo

Well during my restomod this winter I had a slight issue arise. When I got the car and pieces back from the paint shop they did not paint the back side of the roof panels. So since I had an extra 2 yards of material from the interior shop I decided to make a padded vinyl headliner for the front and back roof panels. To my surprise it was really pretty simple project. All I needed to do was purchase quarter inch foam padding and 3m spray contact cement. Once I had everything cut out I sprayed the 3M contact cement on the padding & vinyl then stuck them together. One tip make sure to lay vinyl on the bottom on a flat surface. I realize a interior shop may say to do it different but being a novice at this I had a much better and smoother result doing it this way.

In the center of overhead console that is a 8” joying android car stereo. I used this stereo because the radio chassis is a single Din. My double Din Kenwood did not fit due to there is not enough clearance between the roof and the console for this application. These car stereos are not as hi quality as a Kenwood but being that it has a Android os with full google play app access the possibilities with this thing are endless.

I currently have it connected via Bluetooth to an open sesame garage door opener to open and close the garage door.

I also have it tethered to my cell phone for internet access to stream Sirius thru the app on the radio.

For navigation I have the copilot app downloaded.

In the dash on the far right side of the switch panel I have a USB port (made by Memphis Audio) to connect to the stereo for Apple CarPlay. Yes I do have CarPlay in my Gem which is probably a little ridiculous.

For all you lithium guys I wonder if you can download the companion app for your Bms to this stereo and use it to monitor your batteries. Let me know if u think it will work. I am converting soon.

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Nice setup! This is the BMS app from the Google Play Store.

Don’t see why it wouldn’t work unless there are formatting issues. I run it on the 8" fire tablet in portrait mode. It doesn’t seem to want to go into landscape mode so I’m not sure if that would be an issue with your display.

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Thanks for the link to the app. I will try it when I convert to lithium.

Is this console still available somewhere? I know its been a few years but hoping you or someone else who reads this knows where to find these.