Overhead Sound System

Hello, I have a 2013 E4 with an overhead sound system. Two questions, first, how can you access the inside of that panel, and does anyone have any suggestions on an upgrade for that sound system that worked out really well? I know you can’t expect much from a small setup like that, and not being in an enclosed vehicle, but I think there must be something better. Your thoughts and suggestions please.

I have seen the overhead stereo systems installed 2 different ways. #1 they are glued in place. (Only way to get into the overhead) is to remove the speakers and the head unit.
#2 the overhead stereo system is bolted to the roof using “6 Toggle or what they call Sex bolts”
If your car uses the sex bolts you can simply take them out and the overhead will drop down.

As for better sound. I line the entire inside of the overhead with dynamatt. And I’m using a Sony MEX BT-100 its a 100 Watt Head unit that produces great sound. Check out the you tube reviews of the Sony MEX-BT-100 it’s legit.

Check out this thread

We are going to give one of these a shot -
Easy mount in the dash - put the speakers under the front or rear seats.


One more tip:

If you space the speakers with some rings you can install some bigger better speakers. The stock speaker magnets almost touch the inside of the roof. So the magnets have to be pretty week and small. Bigger magnet speakers will not fit cause the magnets hit the inside of the roof . If you were to space the speakers so the bigger magnet ones could be installed I’m sure the sound would be better