An Update from the Guy Who Bought 11 GEMS

Two of the 11 now run, drive, and stop! Both have minor electrical gremlins that seem to stem from the DC-DC converter boards, but I’m working with a local Polaris dealer to get the recall taken care of shortly.
The one without the bed installed (made brake work a lot easier to just remove it) has also got a broken parking brake, but its interlock switch has been temporarily bypassed until I can snag the pieces I need from my parts GEM.
They’re both a little naked at the moment, their hoods and fenders were pretty beat and we’re doing some fiberglass repairs. I’ll try to keep posting updates here as they come.

How are the conversations with Polaris going regarding the recall on the 12V converter? Do any of your VIN number show the recall had already been performed?

My 2002 still has the potted converter unit just like shown in the recall instruction document but someone claimed the recall and never installed the part so they are refusing to honor the recall.

This is very common to have these recalls claimed and never installed. I personally have never found a car that had the old PCB board still in it and the recall be valid.
The conversion to the new DC/DC converter is not hard but you have to get the conversion cables and that can be a trick. The DC/DC converters are common and avalible in many places.
I worked with a guy named Anthony in NY to do one, he sent me everything I needed. If you want I will see if I can track down his contact info. Unless some else on this forum can help.

Here is the install doc.

Anthony in NY - +1 845-591-4974. He hooked me up as well with the harness and a used dc/dc converter.

I’m on the other side of the camp… I’ve restored a 2000 and a 2002. Both had the old PCB board, open recall, and the local dealer replaced under recall.

Problem here for me… Most of the dealers want you to bring to car in to do the job. That means renting a trailer or paying the pick up and delivery fee. Then you have to worry if they’ll say no if it’s highly modified. That’s where the path of least resistance might be just to call Anthony.

I think the dealers are forcing the car to come in to avoid the recall claim without install issue.

@dougl Shockingly, all 11 of my cars show that the recall is still open when I do a VIN lookup, and a phone call to Polaris has confirmed this. Rather annoyingly, however, the dealers have been a bit of a pain in the butt to get involved. The first one I called essentially said “I have no desire to perform this work don’t call me”. The second seemed much more enthusiastic, but said he’d have to speak with his boss before being able to schedule me in for any sort of appointment. He said he’d call back in the next day… it’s been two weeks now with no word. I’ve been meaning to call them back myself, but work got busy suddenly.

@MikeKC In the case that I can’t convince any dealers to take on the recall, I’ll have to keep this information tucked away.

@Erniea15 so far, the nicer dealer that I spoke with (Nitco) seemed open to the idea of a house call to perform the recall, though they did express a preference to me bringing them the cars. Luckily, I have a 26’ box truck on hand, but it’s still going to be really annoying to get them all done if they take the house call option off the table.

Polaris response was that there are many dealers in the Los Angeles area and that my best option is to take it to a dealer and see what they say. I’m in San Diego… with the nearest dealer 40 miles away and the next nearest over 60 miles. They say “take it to a dealer” like I can just put it into my pocket and bicycle over there just to see what they will say.

Getting a bit pissed there is an NTSB safety recall and regardless of my pictures and evidence to show no dealer addressed the recall issue, they jack me around. One last message to Polaris before I contact the NTSB will be a request that they contact the closest dealer and tell that dealer they will honor the recall once they see the vehicle and determine the status of the vehicle with regards to the recall item. I have to narrow the topic because the dealer already said they could do a “vehicle inspection” and see what that shows. ie they want to bill me for a “vehicle inspection” first…

Thanks for the feedback guys and wow @hunter all 11 still open on the recall. With that many it does sound like a PIA getting them to a dealer but hopefully that’s your only problem.