GEM question about e-meter

I was wondering if someone on here could help me out. We have an existing GEM vehicle and I need to purchase an e-meter. Can i purchase one through GEM or can i buy one somewhere else? please help.


What is an e-meter?

[QUOTE=GEMmechanic;9186]What is an e-meter?[/QUOTE]

“New for the 2011 model year is the Energy Monitoring System, also known as the E-meter. The E-meter records the energy the GEM car uses while charging and allows you to see the total amount of energy in kilo-Watt-hours (kWh) that the GEM car has removed from the grid.”

this is right off the website. where can i find one at?

Ray… is this what you are looking for?

P4400 Kill A Watt by P3

Start reducing your energy bills with the Kill A Watt P4400 electricity usage monitor from P3 International. This device enables you to easily make the decisions that can save you money and reduce your electrical consumption. Virtually any household could use this device and reduce its electrical bill in a single month by an amount greater than the one time cost of this unit.

if so you can also find them on eBay… if not… I’d call customer service at GEM and ask them… they have been quick to answer all questions that I’ve asked