Buying a used Gem 2015

Hi! I’m new
Thinking of buying a 2012 Gem with 5 month old batteries. Is there an easy way to be sure the batteries are “ fresh”? Can you substitute a car battery? Replacement batteries seem pricey!

I don’t think there’s an easy way of determing how “fresh” the batteries are. In the old days ( on a car battery) We would load test it after it was fully charged. You could probably do the same on a Gem battery but you need the right testing equipment. As far as substituting a car battery I would say definitely not. I’m kinda a newbie ( I’m a car guy) when it comes to Gems but Everything that I’ve read indicates that not only should all of your batteries be the same they should all be replaced at the same time.

Well if they are the Deka Brand. (Factory Battery’s) Grey colord Gell battery’s they will have a number on one of the battery posts and a Letter on the other

Example Year - 15 means the battery’s are 2015
Month = D 5th letter in the alphabet = 5th month of the year = April So you should be able to tell how FRESH the battery’s are

If you put a load tester on the battery’s they should be in the 670 CCA cold cranking amps range. New battery’s are like 680-690 cold cranking amps. The lower the CCA the less power they have

Thanks!!! What equipment do I need to test the charge?


You need a Load tester but you have to make sure your testing a fully charged battery.

Yes I would make sure the battery’s are fully charged and then take the car or rent a tester that can test the battery’s. I know Harbor Freight sells a digital battery charger it’s like $60