2003 Gem Car Batteries

Hi there. I’m new here so hello!! I’m looking at purchasing a 2003 Gem Car. My concern (as I’m sure everyone’s is) is the batteries.

The car supposedly had new batteries a few months back, however when I went to see the car a few days ago, it was totally dead. When you turned the key, nothing lit up. It was on charge for 15 mins or so and still wouldn’t move.

I also don’t know about his charger, but this guy was using a car-charger style with big croc clips. It was set at 72V and charging at 10Amps.

Am I potentially buying a one-way ticket to an empty wallet?!

The stock onboard charger won’t start if the battery voltage is too low.

If the batteries sat discharged for a while, they might come back, they might not. If they do, they won’t be at full capacity.

Until you see what else is amiss, it’s hard to say what your costs are going to be. Also depends how much he wants for it.

This did NOT look like a ‘stock’ charger…in fact, I’m certain it’s not.

which model and how much does he want for it ? what exact batteries are they ? big differences

2002 e285

I don’t know the batteries I’m afraid. What’s it worth?!

Yes, that was understood, my comment was about why he would be using an external charger. It also means that the batteries have been sitting a while to go that far down.

'02 with shot batteries but in decent shape, maybe $1300-1500.


I see. He said the charger he was using was the one the car came with when he bought it.


New charger is $300-500 ish.

If you can get him to knock off for the batteries and also the charger, and you don’t mind doing a bit of work yourself, depending on what else is buggered in there, you could use this as an opportunity to go right to lithium and build a nice fast GEM.

Or, run away quickly.

Kind of a toss up depending on cost and condition.

good quality batteries in good shape $2500 . If you become serious , take pictures of cart and label on batteries . post them and we can help a lot more.

OK - just found out that the batteries are Deka DC31DT that are a few months old but recently have been allowed to discharge completely.