GEM No Brake lights, now no head lights. Fuse Boc Location?

I am brand new to the whole GEM world so forgive me please as a NOOB. Last night the brake lights suddenly quit working. No 12VDC at either side of the switch on top. There are two switches on the brake pedal. Tonight the headlights quit. Is there a fuse box somewher I should be checking?

I have a 96 Trans2 (pre-Gem) that I took apart almost completely because it did not run at all. The fuse box for mine is under the dash. Depending on the year, your fuse box is probably not there. Open the hood and the fuse block should be on upper cross member. Remove the rivet at the bottom of rubber splashguard on the passenger side with a flathead. Lift splashguard to expose fuse block. Fuse#1-turn signal 3A, #2 headlights 10A, #3 horn 3A, #4 brake 5A, #6 access. 3A (left bottom), #5 wipers 7.5A (right bottom).
I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the help