Just broke my headlights help trying to fix for X-Mas

I just broke the headlights on my 2002 Gem E285 E4
I was troubleshooting the license plate and reverse lights then I popped a fuse.

Once the fuse popped I had no brake lights, headlights, or tail lights.

I replaced the fuse and only got back brake lights.

I can’t figure out if what’s wrong with the headlights.

Any help would be great.

I hoping that the headlight switch in the cluster is not broken.


The headlights do work when 12 volts is directly applied

I check the fuse and I am getting 12 volts from the fuse.
I am not getting any voltage at the headlight switch.
I have traced the wires and it seems like everything else goes through the controller.

I don’t see any fuses at the controller.


I fixed it.
I had a wire in the back of the GEM touching the ground.
One of the other fuses was popped but I could not tell because it was bearly broken
Replaced the fuse and everything is good now.

Can someone else with a 2002 tell me what amp fuses they have in each position I want to make sure I have the correct amp fuses in each location? This is the fuse box on the passenger side under the hood mounted to the firewall of the GEM.

I found out my gem may have an open recall against it for the dc to dc converter.
Mine is the style with a cover, I guess they replaced it with a water tight unit.
Can I just take it to a Polaris dealer for the work?

My only problems now are speedometer, lincense plate light, and reverse lights.