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Yeah - tedious. At my age I tend not to give a “Rats Ass” Your young
enough to live thru the transition. At my age i’m still young enough to
report current events.

However I can make predictions. In the next 20 years electric cars will
be a maximum of 22% of production The balance will be Hybrids with an
unknown amount of Petrol cars.

Reasons: You can transfer 300 miles of energy in 5 minutes for a petrol or
hybrid car. No matter how fast you charge your batteries it takes many
times that to get 200 miles. The electrical infrastructure doesn’t exist at
present nor will it in the near future to support the 22% in the next 20
years. We also have a lot of cheap petroleum in the ground. The government
hasn’t yet figured how to tax electric fueled vehicles yet. I think that when
they do it will be a shock to the industry.

Just picture in your own mind the size of the electrical capable fueling
station to equal an ESSO gas station in energy transfer capability that
exists on a major freeway today. My money’s on HyBrids. 20 years from now ,
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December 15
I long switched to apple devices…the whole “anti-virus” thing did me
in. Of course, one might argue that back in the 80’s, apple left much to be
Did you see the piece on the WSJ today on EV’s?

Noteworthy News Articles
(VIDEO: Biggest Disruption to Automotive Industry) Electric Vehicles Forum

VIDEO: The biggest disruption is the automotive industry in recent history
is here. This piece from the Wall Street Journal: At the center of this
discussion is timing. When will this technology break away from the pack and
become mainstream? The video above articulates nicely the article below
out of the WSJ this morning. It made for a good read. [image]

Thank you for the laugh! (below)…

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