Gem error Code 99? 2015 eL XD

I’m getting an odd message on the display that I don’t think means anything. Nothing changes when the key is turned off or on. Message is still there when controller, and motor is disconnected. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Wild guess-
Push the trip switch once and the E miles will go away and reflect real miles. When it is in this mode the big digits are showing you the % charge on your battery?
I know… it doesn’t make sense since your SOC meter is down five bars. I’m guessing the two are operating independent of each other and one or the other is out of whack.

Just for fun, try unplugging the charger and see if things change up a bit.

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Thanks for the advice. The trip or any other button doesn’t do anything. All the 12v accessories don’t work. The charger disconnected from the psdm board the display turns off. The charger isn’t plugged in to 120v and it shows the battery charging.

That is a whole different set of problems.
Cr@p. Go PM? Look in your inbox.

It’s odd how some things start out in one direction and end up going in totally a different direction.

Background: HEvo acquired this car in non working condition, and has been slowly collecting the missing components and figuring how it all fits together.

Today’s Update- HEvo just got in a new DQ DCI from LGods and had it all hooked up but he lost track of the car interlock green wire. I helped him find it. Connecting the two solved the initial problem.

We went through a few other diagnostics and found the e-brake switch also disconnected. Found those wires, connected. Easy fix.

Now Charger is operating properly when plugged in (according to the charger display).

New problem appears with charger unplugged and Key (on) the dash shows a -16. (Voltage High).

Further Questions reveal that HEvo is in final stages of one of Dave’s SDI 22s Lithium pack installs. I helped him locate and installed the spoof on pin 1.

Last I heard from him he was taking the car for a quick test run then back to put more of a charge into the pack.

Sounds like another one running.


@AssyRequired - I have to give you credit - patience of a god…
These things are so difficult to work thru especially when they are mult-facetted.

Bow to you.

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