Gem ELxd wiring 2005

I am working on a rebuild of a Gem EL I purchased as a project. I have a wiring diagram and have sorted out most of the wiring the previous owner attempted. I have a group of wires (4 wires) that are grouped with the rear light wiring harness above the batteries. Two blue wires , yellow tracer and purple tracer I believe, black and a red wire. What do these go to ? What component is housed above the batteries. Thanks for any help

Are they all mounted in a plug? Or just terminated individually with spade connectors?

There is usually a bundle back there for added options. I’m trying to source out the matching colors with what you see but they change depending on the doc I am looking at.

The Blu/Yel should be the back up light.
The Red should be the Center Brake light.
Blu/Pur - might be the Lic Plate light ← not sure
Bk - might grounds for these

Confirm with a meter and flipping some switches.

That being said, the other things that will have connectors around the top of the battery pack will be the E-brake switch and the batt temp sensor. The colors you are quoting are not related to these two items.

Thanks. Yeah I don’t see where anything was mounted in that area. Will check with meter and see what energies them once I progress in the rebuild.

Temperature sensor may be routed in that bundle. Look for same color connected to charger white under dash.

Yeah. Found temperature sensor wires but goes into main distribution block. Someone else suggested that extra wires were for options.

Gem Rear Harness. Connector 1 goes to J6 on PSDM.
Is this what you are seeing?
Special attention to 9, 10, 11, 12.

Yes those are the wires 9,10,11 and 12.